Georg Pintz & Partners provide IP services - patent, trademark, design, utility model, domain - for Hungary and the EU and guarantees a high level of services for reasonable prices. Our patent and trademark attorneys have been working in the field of IP protection for more than 25 years. Georg Pintz & Partners is a versatile patent and trademark law firm with widespread activities in protection of intellectual property. Our field of expertise covers every area of the technical field including physics, mechanics, electronics, microelectronics, and chemistry. We are also well versed in the younger and increasingly important areas of bio- and software technology, among others. Our lawyers practice in the prosecution, defence, and enforcement of patents, utility models and design models as well as preparing and concluding license agreements.

The patent attorneys and lawyers of Georg Pintz & Partners provide counselling and represent clients before courts and authorities (Hungarian and European) for all issues concerning Hungarian and international trademarks, competition law, copyright law, corporate law and also Internet-related matters. Our attorneys are registered to practice before the Hungarian Patent Office, European Patent Office, national and community courts, the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante (Spain) and the World Intellectual Property Organization. When it comes to infringement matters, our office handles contentious cases on a team work basis: our patent attorneys are assisted by lawyers with extensive litigation practice (“barristers”). We are highly experienced and successful in handling domain disputes (before courts and before the Hungarian ADR forum).

Mr. Georg Pintz is a committee member of INTA and also member of the following organisations: Hungarian Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright; Hungarian Trademark Association; AIPPI, ECTA. Mr. Pintz is one of the two patent attorneys in the Hungarian IP Protection Council (Advisory Board of the Hungarian Patent Office).


We consider ourselves as a modern service-orientated firm. We advise and attend to our clients on the basis of technical and legal expertise, while taking economic viewpoints and methods into consideration. We are committed to guarantee technically qualified, reliable and flexible service. Therefore we offer you personal commitment, a diversity of ideas and a creative process.

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"We are glad that in Hungary we are represented by Georg Pintz and Partners in respect to patent and trademark matters. Their work is of high quality, worthy to the good reputation of AUDI."

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