Biopatent® Centre

Biotechnological inventions bear many special characteristics. Taking this into consideration, our office has established the Hungarian BIOPATENT® Center, where we focus our attention on counseling biotechnological developers, plant breeders as well as taking care of these inventions. The leader of the Center is Mr. ErnÅ‘ SZARKA, European patent attorney, former President of the Hungarian Patent Office, and previously the Head of the Biotechnological Department. He gained experience in development engineering as well. Mr. SZARKA is also an expert of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the author of many biological, biochemical, biotechnological publications. He wrote essays on the patentability of inventions in relation with plant varieties. We assist our foreigner partners with acquiring national protection, PCT national phase and EP validation. Furthermore, through the BIOPATENT® Center we are concerned with plant variety rights too.

Please choose on the menu bar National or EP validation or PCT national phase for further information on charges and data supply. Regarding sequence list we ask you the following in addition to our above mentioned requests. In conformity with WIPO Guidelines, please indicate 60 bases per nucleotid sequence row and 16 amino-acids (48 characters) per protein sequence. For special nucleotides y, h, n, k, w, r characters may be used. We prefer providing sequence lists in email or in any other electronic device as CD or floppy disc. Authorization should be sent directly to our main office.