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We request for filing a European patent application the following:
  • actual description, claims, abstract, drawings,
  • certified priority copy
  • English (or German) translation of the priority copy.
We request for urgent filing:
  • actual description, claims, abstract, drawings

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If you request the estimated cost in this matter, please fill the followings and you will find the reply within some seconds in your email box.Please note that this calculator does not work properly since the new fee regime of the EPO (April 1, 2009). There is a flat designation fee (official: EUR 500, service: EUR 90). Extra charges are over claim 15 (each official: EUR 200, service: EUR 20), over claim 50 (each official: EUR 500, service: EUR 30), extra charge is over page 35, each page official: EUR 12, service: EUR 3.

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