We offer general legal services through our attorney-at-law partners with special competence in civil law (for example in the field of real estate and corporate law). Of course their practice area is quite broad, still it is worth mentioning that we provide the following legal services in Hungary:

Negotiating and drafting contracts and other documents, countersigning thereof (if prescribed by the statutory law), office routine, representation before the authorities, courts and towards third persons, legal advice and representation in the fields of business and commercial law, financial matters, damage claims and other litigation matters, employment and benefits, matters relating to real estate development, other real estate matters, establishment and operation of condominiums, social organizations (i.e. foundations, civil associations), establishment of companies and modification of their data. Preparing and vetting other civil law contracts (lease, commission agreements, contracts for professional services etc.) and other documents, legal advice in all fields of civil law, guidance and help regarding interpretation of the law, legal research.