Hungarian trademark

Mark enjoys protection for 10 years from the date of registration. This term can be extended with further 10-year periods. Not only national trademarks are valid in Hungary but also EU-Community Trademarks and trademarks filed according to Madrid Agreement or Protocol.

The Hungarian trademark system has switched to an opposition system with May 1, 2004 effect. According to this, the search of the Hungarian Patent Office is extended to previous rights as well; however only upon the opposition of the owners of these rights can registration be refused. Effective use of trademark, registered over 5 years, needs to be proven by right holder. The examination as to substance includes ex officio only the so-called absolute grounds of refusal.

Please read the German publication of Mr. Pintz about the Hungarian Trade Mark System. "Bedeutende Änderungen auf dem Gebiet der ungarischen Schutzmarken" (Mitteilung der Deutschen Patentanwälte, 2004 Heft 9/10, S. 410-411).

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Procedure of Hungarian Patent Office

Procedure of Hungarian Patent Office