The proceeding of trademark registration has changed on May 1st, 2004. Implementing the international practice, Hungary has switched to an opposition system. The Hungarian Patent Office (HPO) indicates earlier identical or similar trademarks in its search report. The pure existence of these marks however does not establish a ground for refusal, unless the owner of the earlier right submits an observation within three months after publication. In these cases the proceeding of the Office moves on with both parties involved in a contentious process - with a possibilty of settlement, of course.

How would the owner of the earlier trademark know that it should stand up for its rights when the owner is busy engaged with the market and everyday business? The answer: with the help of our watching service. We advise you to use our watching service to be up to date and to mak sure that the protection of your registered brand remains unquestionable by other registered rights.

We offer extended trademark watch, regularly reviewing the HPO files and applications, the Hungarian company register and domains, the European CTM register, trademarks filed according to Madrid Agreement and Protocol and the entire web for any form of illegal use of the presented mark. For more details please click on the `Watching service` in the menu.